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Supported platforms

Basic Installation

Download the compressed source code containing everything you need to get up and running. Keep in mind that although SARCAT is designed to be run as a standalone server application, it has been specially wrapped to run as a standalone product on your desktop.

For advanced intallation instructions, check out our Github page

To Install the latest release:

  1. First, download the latest release for your platform from the download section of the SARCAT website. This is a compressed file (zip/tar.fz) targeting your operating system.

  2. Create a SARCAT home directory on your machine. Ensure this is a location where you have owner privileges. Below is a recommended guide for where this should be done:

    Windows: C:/Users/{username}/sarcat
    Mac: /Users/{username}/sarcat
  3. Move the compressed(.zip/.gz) SARCAT folder into your SARCAT home directory.

  4. Right-click the folder and select Extract All. (For Mac/Linux, just double click to extract)
  5. When prompted, choose your SARCAT home directory as the location to extract to.

  6. Once extracted, navigate into the new application directory.

  7. Click start to run SARCAT. This will open a command prompt/terminal which initiates the server and database for the software.

  8. If notified that SARCAT is running, open your web browser and go to http://localhost:3000/ to begin.
  9. Click stop to stop SARCAT (or Ctrl+C into the current terminal session). Be careful to exit correctly or the process may not fully end.
  10. Enjoy - Check out our docs page for usage details!